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Even though we cannot meet nor are we sure that we will be able to compete, the Shockwaves are working hard at home to keep in tip-top shape. Whenever we start to practice again we would love to have you join us. Want to get started training like a Shockie now? Here are a few workouts that our athletes are doing this week. *Remember to start each work out with a 1 mile (10 minute) running warm-up and then dynamic stretches. After the dynamic stretches, run another .5 miles (5 minutes) to make sure you are ready to complete the work out to the best of your ability. At the conclusion of each workout, run/jog/walk at least .5 miles (5 minutes) for cool down and be sure to static stretch fully paying attention to any areas that feel tight. Workout One - 1K (1000 meter intervals) Beginner? 500m x 5 2.5 minutes rest between each Intermediate? 1000m x 3 then 500m x 1 5 min rest between each Advanced? 1000m x5 5 to 6 minutes rest in between each Workout 2 - Speed work All 8x 50 meter starts (explode off line and get to full speed at 40 meters) followed by Beginner: 150 m , 300m, 150m, 300m, 150m Intermediate: 150/300/150/300/150/300/150 Advanced: 150/300/150/300/150/300/150/300/150/300 1 minute rest after each 150 2 minutes rest after each 300 Workout 3 - mile intervals with fartleks Run each mile with .75 75%- 80% of their mile pace and the final .25 at their mile pace Three minutes recovery between each mile interval. Beginner: Two 1-mile intervals Intermediate: Three 1-mile intervals Advanced: Four 1- mile intervals. Advanced runners only rest between miles 2 and 3 for 5 to 6 minutes.

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