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The Shockwaves do not hibernate during the winter months. They take this time to work on speed and agility and hone their skills for the upcoming outdoor season. Be it running hills at Petrifying Springs park, working on explosive movement at the Boys and Girls Club, or mile repeats around UWParkside, Shockwaves’ athletes give it their all. These dedicated athletes had many opportunities to showcase their skill this past month. The team participated in local road and trail event, indoor travel meets, and intersqaud competitions.

Several Shockwaves earned their winter trail running badges at the SawKeeWee 2 mile trail event on February 27th. This event challenged everyone with icy, trails and unstable footing. Although it was a challenge, fun was had by all including Coach Nick and frequent parent participant Martha.

The team also had a showing at the Be Mine 5K which was rescheduled due to inclement weather to March 6th. The course did not give favorable footing, but the Shockies still persevered with AJ taking 1st Overall, Lorelai earning 1st overall female, Tyler B earning 1st in his age group and Bendicio’n and Declan earning 2nd in their age groups. The strongest showing, however was from parent participants Martha and Angelina, who not only help to get the team situated to run, but then run themselves!

Several Shockwaves traveled to indoor meets as well. On February 21st, the athletes ran circles around the competition at the Black Jack Classic in Ft Wayne, IN. Lorelai represented the team in the girls 9/10 AG and had strong performances in the 200m (1st), 800m (3rd), and the 1500m(1st). Izzy (13/14 AG) showed her skills in the 60m dash, 200m. Eliza (13/14 AG) also ran strong in both the 800 m (2nd) and the 1500m (1st). Chloe (17/18 AG) rounded out the girls’ team by running strong in the 800m and the 1500m (3rd). The Boys team were equally strong with E leading the charge running the 60m dash and the 200m. Bendicio’n ran the 800m and the 1500m in the 9/10 age group. The 11/12 boys age group was represented by Declan and Keegan D. both running the 200m and 400m. Declan rounded out his day by running 800m and the 1500m, taking 1st in the 1500. AJ, Aidan, and Nathan T. all started out strong in the 13/14 AG with 1st, 3rd, and 4th, placed in the 800m and 1500m respectively. Jalen and Josh represented for the 15/16 AG. Jalen ran the 400m and 800m and Josh ran the 800m and 1500m. Each running their best and letting the competition know that lime green is here to play and stay.

Meet of Champions took place on March 6th in Chicago’s Gately Indoor Track and Field Center. The Shockwaves had a strong showing at this meet at well. The Shockwaves had the opportunity to test their middle and Highschool milers against some of the local competition. Lorelai and Grace ran with mile times of 6:08.25 and 5:55.94 respectively. Aidan ran a mile time of 5:12.81 taking 4th and AJ ‘s mile time was 5:08.69 earning 3rd. On March 13th the Shockies went back to Ft Wayne for the Blackwell Midwest Championship. Lorelai showed the competition that the Shockies were there to be seen by running strong in the 200m (1st), 800m (1st) and the 1500m (1st) in the 9/10 AG. Grace continued the strong showing running the 200m, 800m (1st), and 1500m (1ST) for the girls 11/12. Eliza, 13/14, ran the 200m, 400m (2nd), and the 1500m(1st) rounding out the strong girls’ team. Ezekiel (8&U boys) led the boys’ team off with a great performance in the 60m dash (1st), 200m (1st) and 400m (2nd). Bendicio’n (9/10) furthered the momentum with his performance in the 800m (2nd) and the 1500m (1st). Declan represented the boys 11/12 AG and ran the 200m, 800m (2nd) and the 1500m(2nd). AJ furthered the fear of the lime with his performances in the 200m (3rd), 800m (1st), and the 1500m (1st) in the 13/14 age group. Riley (13/14) ran strong as well with his performance in the 60m dash, 200m, and 400m. Nathan T also contributed to the strong showing in the 13/14 AG with his 2nd place finishes in the 800m and 1500m. Josh and Jalen (15/16) put their final stamps on the meet with his performance. Jalen ran the 200m, 400m, and 3000m. Josh ran 800m and the 3000m (3rd).

From Ft Wayne, the Shockwaves travelled to the KTCAAA in Kentucky. Lorelai represented the girls in the 800m and the mile. The boys team consisted of Ezekiel who ran the 60m, 200m, 400m. Bendicio’n ran the 800m and 1 mile. AJ ran the 400m, and 2 mile.

For those not wanting to travel to meets, there were two opportunities to shine this past month. The first event was a Shockwaves Mini Meet in the brutal wind off the lake. This event took place on 2/28 with the Shockies being divided into Team Blue Thunder and Team Green Lightning. The teams ran in different distance events with scores given for placement. In the end, Team Green Lightning flexed the biggest muscle earning themselves whipped cream on their hot chocolate after the subsequent Tuesday practice.

The final all team event of this busy month was the Second Annual Leprechaun Dash. This event is open to Shockwaves friends and family as well. There was a one mile run as well as a 5k event and the opportunity to find a lucky shamrock on the way which would be redeemed for some gold! There were several Shockwaves parents that participated and the weather certainly cooperated. The best part of this event, however, was the Shockwave family supporting and enjoying each other’s company.

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