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800s To find your target time, take your mile time and divide it by 2, then subtract an addtional 10% ( 8 minute mile time, 4:00 half less 24 seconds (240 seconds x .10) = 800 target time of 3:36) Beginner: 800 x 3 (these are done all out rest/recover 5 minutes in between) Intermediate: 800x5 Advanced 800 x 7 Hill Sprints Find your favorite hill - It should be at least 50 meters long. Run the hill as a hard as you can. The walk/jog down is your rest. Think high knees and forward arm swings. Beginner: Hills x 8 Intermediate: Hills x 12 Advanced: Hills x 16 Distance Run for time. Pace easy to moderate with three speed surges each mile. Beginner: Run 15-20 minutes Intermediate: Rune 20-25 minutes Advanced: Run 25-35 minutes Remember: Prior to each workout, please make sure you are fully warmed up and have done your dynamic stretches. Be sure to properly cool down after the 800 and Hills workouts. The coaches cannot wait until we see you again!

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