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The muddy and cold course could not stop the Shockwaves! Shockwaves ran strong against their respective age group competition and here’s how they stacked up: Most people saw Con man with his 3rd place overall. Con was our only top 15 finisher today, congrats to you con but never ever slow down before the finish again you turkey!!! James- 23rd for 14yr boys Abi Zabel- 24th for 13yr girls Daeveyon- 23rd for 12yr boys AJ- 1st for 11yr boys Owen- 4th for 10yr boys Jayden- 9th for 10yr boys Emery- 9th for 10yr girls Lorelai- 1st for 8yr girls Finley- 4th for 8yr girls Our Shockwaves boys team earned 7th place with an average time of 13:31 Once again, great work Shockwaves, you all gave great effort!

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