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April 24th 2022

Welcome to the Shockwaves!

We apologize for the lack of communication and confusion.  

Between the weather, a new job, and a new schedule, the coaches have been running around like crazy - and not the good kind of around.

BUT - we have finally had some time and things have gotten updated. The link for the print the practice schedule has been updated with times and locations.  Some of the meets have been added (some are placeholders)

We will work to get the registration link correct on the web.

We appreciate your patience and hope you know that even though we have been a mess on social media. Our practices and coaching philosophy has been spot on!

See you on the track soon!


Although the weather may not agree..          

                        Shockwaves are well into their Spring outdoor track season!

January 22, 2020

The weather in Wisconsin is persnickety, but that does not stop the Shockwaves from practicing and finding opportunities to complete.  This past month you could find these dedicated athletes running the loops on the roads, circles on the track and riding laps in the velodrome to work on their endurance, explosive power, and technique for their upcoming track meets. 

Due to the fact that March is just the beginning of the track season, there were only a few opportunities to compete, but that does not mean they were not memorable.

On April 3rd, several Shockwaves toed the line at the April Fools 4K in Nashotah, WI finding it hard to cut ties with their cross country running.  AJ took 1st overall in the 4k event and Lorelai was the 1st overall female.  Tommy O and Bendicio’n had stellar performances finishing 7th and 10th overall respectively.  Coach Shannon also “did the lime green proud” with her 2nd place Age Group win.  Caughnery was able to finally test out his legs after being benched for 6 weeks and was excited to get his heart and legs pumping again. Team parent, Martha got her distance in running the 12K! 

April 10th, the Shockwaves traveled to Hartland for an early outdoor meet.  For some it was their first time racing on the oval, for others it was a test to determine current fitness and future goals.  In the boys 13 and under 100m dash, Riley broke the ice with his blazing 13.1 second time placing third and Ezekiel was smoking with his time of 16.3 seconds placing 4th.

The 200 meter was one of the most popular events for the male Shocwaves with Riley, Bendicio’n, Keegan, and Ezekiel all running the 13 and under event.  Riley placed 2nd with a time of 30.1 seconds. Bendicio’n was 3rd with a 38.5. Keegan was 4th with his time of 39.2 and Ezekiel, the youngest Shockwave, placed 5th with a time of 42 seconds.

The 400 was the next event and Lorelai was the only female Shockwave to run.  Her time of 1:22.2 minutes placed her third in this challenging event.  Eight male Shockwaves were willing to test their grit running a full lap around the track.  In the 13 and under category, AJ took first overall with a time of 59.9 seconds.  Declan took 2nd with a time of 1:19.9.  Tyler B was 3rd with a time of 1:22.3.  Bendicio’n came in 4th with his time of 1:28.6.  Keegan took 5th (1;35.4) and Ezekiel took 7th (1:43.7) Jaylen was the lone 14 to 18 age group Shockwave, but he held his own against the competition, running a 1:02.0 The surprise athlete in this event was Coach Nick, who ran in the first heat.  He threw down 1:02.1 winning the 19 and over age group and setting the bar high for the others.

In the 800, Grace and Lorelai took 1st and 2nd in the 13 and under age group with their times of 2:52.0 and 2:57.3 respectively. The 13 and under category for the boys 800 was dominated by lime green as well with AJ winning the age group with his time of 2:23.4.  Tommy O was second with his time of 2:50.0.  Tyler B took 3rd with a 3:08.5 and Declan was 4th with a 3:09.8.  Bendicio’n took 5th with his time of 3:20.6.  Jaylen placed second in the 14-18 year old age group with his time of 2:40.7 making others take notice of the lime green.

On April 17th, Shockwaves got their long-distance groove back at the Run from the Taxman event.  In the 5K event, Lorelai ran like she owed the taxman quite a large sum of money earning the 1st female and 4th overall position.  Bendicio’n also was not in any mood to give him any cash placing 4th in his age group.   Coach Shannon told the tax man some choice words (and the hills too) running strong throughout the event.  The Shockwaves also had two distance divas running the 10K.  Grace showed her tenacity placing 1st in her age group and parent Martha showed her grit as well placing 3rd in hers.

Home: News & Updates

Current practice and meet schedule

 Click the button to be directed to our current practice and meet schedule.  Please note that things may change quicker than the calendar master can update. 

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Our Coaching Team


Stephanie Zuehls

Head Coach

Coach Stephanie has always had a passion for teaching others and running.  She has now merged both of those loves by becoming an RRCA Level 1 Running Coach and, now also, as an assistant coach of the Shockwaves.  Her current role at Kenosha Running Company (a trail race management company) and experience as a teacher, along with raising four athletic children, gives her a unique coaching perspective.  She loves to work with our younger athletes making practice fun, but with a purpose. 
Coach Stephanie's athletic resume includes over 30 years of participation in competitive sport.  She was on her college swim team.  After college, she transitioned to running and triathlon.  In triathlon, she participated in all distances including completing Ironman Wisconsin.  Her running accomplishments include numerous podium finishes in distances from 5k to 50K as well as running the Boston Marathon.  Her personal running bests include a half marathon time of 1:35:13, a marathon time of 3:14:54 and a 50k time of 5:39:47.  Her favorite distance is half marathon and beyond and she loves running on the trails.


Todd Hauser

Coach and Team Administrator

Coach Todd's athletic resume includes running in High School where his best 5K finish was a 19:15 at the Cloverbelt Conference meet after which he took a BIG break.  His favorite race medals include age group place medals like the coffee mug from the Friends of Bong Wolf Lake Run at Bong SNA, but also the team medal from Ragnar Northwoods, and the participation medal for the Tyranena Half Barrel he ran on a bum wheel.  His athletic endeavors also include a six-hour solo mountain bike ride at Wausau 24 and the 2019 Chequamegon 40 MTB Festival, as well as numerous races on the WORS circuit. His favorite kind of run is the accidental 10K, where you just go for a quick run but feel so good you accidentally run six miles.


Nick Freese

Coach - East Coast contingent

Coach Nick has been the "genius" behind the Shockwaves training philosophy since relocating to Wisconsin in 2017.

Coach Nick's athletic resume includes time as a running back for the Eastern Eagles, personal trainer, gym owner, race director, soccer coach, middle school cross country and track and field coach.  During his coaching career, he has guided numerous young runners building their strength and endurance to state, regional, and national events.

His running personal bests include a 13:04 2-mile, 19:56 5K, and 1:32:48 half marathon.  Coach Nick prefers running shorter distances. 


Shannon Freese

Team Administrator- East Coast contingent

Coach Shannon is the organization behind the Shockwaves.  As a graduate from Eastern  Washington University, she has utilized her education in sports and recreation in multiple ways from planning youth wilderness trips, coaching club gymnastics, managing a gym, and coaching soccer.  She now is focused on coaching the Shockwaves and running after her three kids. 
Her favorite distance to run is 5ks and 10ks as keeping up with the family is a training plan all on its own.

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July 18th, 2020


July 5th, 2020

USATF Wisconsin Track Meet

February 2nd, 2020

Feet on Fire Indoor Meet

January 11th, 2020

UW Milwaukee Developmental Meet #2

January 4th, 2020

USATF National Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships

December 14th, 2019

UW Milwaukee Developmental Meet #1

December 7th, 2019

Footlocker Cross Country Meet

November 30th, 2019

St. Mary's XC Invite (4-8)

September 20th, 2019

Rockford Wildcats Middleschool  XC meet

September 26th, 2019

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"Running is so symbolic of life.  You have to drive yourself to overcome the obstacles.  You might feel that you can't.  But then you find your inner strength, and realize you're capable of so much more than you thought."

Arthur Blank

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